Roads in the Simpson County road system are classified as one of the following:

  • Arterial roads: a primary through road with heavy to moderate traffic connecting to a state road.
  • Collector road: a through road with light to moderate traffic connecting to an arterial road.
  • Local/ Neighborhood road: a road with limited access or roads within a neighborhood.


Only signage, markings or devices approved by The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, (MUTCD) will be used on any roads maintained by Simpson County Fiscal Court.

Speed limits:

  • The speed limit on arterial and collector roads is 55 MPH unless otherwise posted.
  • The speed limit on local/ neighborhood roads is 35 MPH unless otherwise posted.

Any resident or property owner in Simpson County may request changes to speed limits, or to add or remove signage or devices from a county road.
The request must be submitted in writing to the Simpson County Fiscal Court with following information.

  •  Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Road name
  • Description and reason for request

Once the Fiscal Court receives the request, they may then ask the magistrate representing the district involved in the request, the county Public Works Director and any other representative of an agency that may be effected by the request to evaluate the area and report back to the Fiscal Court.
Traffic calming devices, such as additional signage and pavement markings may be installed in an area after an evaluation is given to the Fiscal Court.
Devices such as rumble strips, speed bumps or speed tables are generally not recommended on through roads. One of these devices may be recommended due to accident history or if an area is found to have unique or abnormal surroundings that may distract drivers.


County Road Management

  • Can you put up a children at play sign in the neighborhood?
    No. Children at play signs are not MUTCD approved. It has been considered by some people that the sign is suggesting to children, especially older children that this gives them permission to play in the street.
  • Can I put a post, fence or rocks at the edge of the road to keep people out of my yard.
    Unless otherwise stated on your deed, the county right of way is 15 feet from the center of the road or to an existing fence row. Nothing should be placed in the right of way. Anything that is in the right of way should be on a breakaway post.
  • Can you put up a speed limit sign or lower the speed limit to slow people down?
    Yes. Changing the speed limit is done by ordinance of the Fiscal Court. Will it slow people down? Probably not.
  • Can I put a speed bump on the road I live on?
    No. An individual cannot put any type of traffic control device up themselves. Most highway departments try to avoid speed bumps, speed tables and guard rails. While there may be a place for these devices many agencies find they create problems if not installed correctly and in the appropriate places.
  • How do I have a new driveway put in?
    A permit can be picked up at the Simpson County Judge Executives office or at the Simpson county Planning and Zoning office. After the permit is returned you will be contacted and asked to mark the location you would like the drive to be and then you will be given information on the length and diameter of tile needed. The property owner will have to purchase the tile and have it on site. The Simpson County Public Works Dept will install the tile and put the appropriate amount of gravel in place. The Public Works Dept will be responsible for maintaining the ditch line to allow drainage from the road surface and right of way. The maintenance of the driveway entrance/surface (gravel, asphalt, concrete, etc.) is the responsibility of the property owner, beginning at the point the entrance surface joins the asphalt of the county maintained road or the end of the road surface on a gravel road. The County is not responsible for any excavation work that may be needed to raise or lower the entrance site. The County is not responsible for moving any utilities that may be in conflict with the driveway installation.
  • Can my contractor put the driveway tile in?
    Yes. You will need to obtain the connection permit and have the site inspected before and after installation.
  • Should I use a galvanized or plastic tile?
    Both are acceptable. A galvanized tile stays in place better and has less movement over time.

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