There has been a lot of talk recently about community growth, especially some of the expected amenities that stem from that growth.
In 2019 I started working on a growth plan, and with the help of the BRADD, we put together a Strategic Growth Plan. That plan basically set guidelines that will need to be updated regularly.
We are also constantly monitoring our Planning & Zoning regulations because those regulations are how we are able to control and handle the population growth.
Recently the F-S Parks and the City of Franklin have both started working on growth plans. These planning efforts have been geared more toward desired amenities than controlling population growth.
For future planning, especially with budgeting in mind, I would like community input on what is important to you in the areas we currently fund.
So, with help once again from the BRADD, I have a community survey that focuses on those areas. This survey will let you tell us (elected officials) which areas of spending are more important to you.
We currently fund 30 different departments or entities from local tax dollars. Those 30 can be placed in 8 basic categories.
So, what do you need to do to participate? Just click on the link below then simply place the 8 categories in order of importance to you, with one being the most important to you. That section is drag and drop. Simply click on the one that’s most important to you and drag it to the top. Then click on the second most important to you and drag it to the second line, and so on. You will have to hold down on the 3 bars to the right to drag each category where you want them.
The survey will close on January 15, 2023.
Share the link and encourage everyone from age 12 to 100+ to fill it out.
Mason Barnes

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